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Cherie Blair

Cherie Blair (Cherie Booth) QC, Barrister

Shami Chakrabarti

Shami Chakrabarti Director of Liberty (The National Council for Civil Liberties)

Steve Richards

Steve Richards British TV presenter and chief political columnist for The Independent Newspaper

Omid Djalili

Omid Djalili Comedian and Actor

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Academic Workshop: Debating Multiculturalism 1
16 Apr 2012
The Value of Inter-Cultural Dialogue Through Community Based Forums for Building Relations Between New Migrants and Settled Groups at the Neighbourhood Scale
07 Feb 2012
The Implications of Children's Dreams for Interfaith Dialogue
18 Oct 2011
"God and Social Cohesion - Help or Hindrance?": Seminar with Canon Dr Alan Billings
26 May 2011
Roundtable Discussion with Dr Ian Law: “Ethnicity and Education in England and Europe”
09 May 2011
Teaching about Mystery
15 Mar 2011
The Development of Civil Society Islam in Turkey and Indonesia: Parallels, Commonalities and Contrasts
11 Feb 2011
The Challenges of Climate Change
28 Jan 2011
Seminar & Book Review of A Mirror for our Times
25 Jan 2011
Education Policy and Dealing with Bias
29 Sep 2010
Civil Responsibility
17 Sep 2010
Community Cohesion in Leeds
20 May 2010
Talking Through Action
19 May 2010
Community Cohesion in Leeds: Vision and Perspective
05 May 2010
Media and Religion: Understanding the Rules of Engagement
21 Apr 2010
Crime Prevention and Personal Safety
14 Apr 2010
Education as an Instrument for Social Cohesion’
24 Mar 2010
Seminar: Trees for Cities
17 Mar 2010
Seminar: Orientalism & Occidentalism
10 Mar 2010
Personal Development with International and Faith Identities
03 Mar 2010
History of Dialogue and Community Cohesion in Leeds: a Hindu Perspective
08 Feb 2010
Towards a Pedagogy of Interfaith Encounter and Dialogue: Some thoughts about ways of learning in Leeds
01 Feb 2010
History of Dialogue and Community Cohesion in Leeds: a Sikh Perspective
25 Jan 2010
Prof Emeritus Max Farrar, ‘History of Dialogue and Community Cohesion in Leeds
19 Jan 2010
Seminar ‘History of Dialogue and Community Cohesion in Leeds: A Muslim Perspective
11 Jan 2010
History of Dialogue and Community Cohesion in Leeds: a Christian Perspective
07 Dec 2009
Personality and Personal Growth: An Islamic Perspective
16 Oct 2009
In The Footsteps of Abraham in Leeds
17 Sep 2004
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