Roundtable Discussion on Back to the future? Being Muslim in a strange land

Wed, 03 Jul 2019 12:30 in Forthcoming

Date: 3rd July 2019
Time: 12:30

Invitation Only


What happens to the religious identity, belief, and practice of Muslims who settle in the West? We expect immigrants to maintain their religious traditions, but do they, or their children and grandchildren, gradually become more secular? Multiple paths are open to the second generation and choosing can be difficult. Western culture is influential to varying degrees. Some children of immigrants try to follow a ‘real’ Islam that has been purified of culturally specific practices, and public prejudice against Muslims may lead some to react by increasing their own religious commitment.

About David Voas

David Voas is Professor and Head of the Department of Social Science at University College London. He previously held senior appointments at the universities of Essex and Manchester. He is a quantitative social scientist, and his research concerns religious change and value change in modern societies, the intergenerational transmission of religion and values, and attitudes of and towards ethno-religious minorities.