Outreach & Participation

The Dialogue Society maintains the importance of actively pursuing constructive, critical and open dialogue with a whole range of people, professions and practices, trying to reach a wider and more diverse audience than is usually associated with intercultural dialogue. Broadly speaking, the Dialogue Society is keen to explore and develop dialogue with community organisations and their grassroots, policy-makers and parliamentarians, think tanks and universities. These forms of outreach are aimed both at offering the Dialogue Society's contributions and also at noting any feedback and comments that can helpfully inform its work. By targeting the four sectors of community, policy, academia and media, the Dialogue Society aims to develop a more nuanced and balanced understanding of relevant social and political issues and to contribute its own perspective in a range of forums. In all its outreach, the Dialogue Society is keen to explore new discussions and partnerships.

To date, the Dialogue Society's directors and staff have addressed large and small audiences at community-based events, academic conferences and policy-maker briefings. Community-based contributions often involve an exposition of the Dialogue Society's motivation, principles and strategies for dialogue. Dialogue Society staff are often asked how to increase interest in and contribution to dialogue and community-based initiatives. They draw on a wealth of experience at the community level in responding to such questions. In addition, the Dialogue Society actively pursues dialogue with policy-makers and researchers on issues that relate to its areas of interest. The Dialogue Society organises such briefings to introduce its work and exchange ideas, offering advice for improvement at the policy level while noting feedback for delivery at the community level.

To extend outreach and participation, the Dialogue Society is appointing a number of London and regional representatives. They will be engaging actively with stakeholders and community groups to further the Dialogue Society's objectives in their assigned areas. To read more, please click here.

In addition, the Dialogue Society produces, publishes and disseminates literature relating to community, policy and academia which complements its outreach and advocacy efforts. In 2010 it will publish a series of community-targeted Dialogue Manuals. In 2009, it published a policy recommendation paper entitled 'Deradicalisation by Default'. These publications serve as useful tools for outreach and advocacy work.

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