About Us

The Dialogue Society is a registered charity, established in London in 1999, with the aim of advancing social cohesion by connecting communities, empowering people to engage and contributing to the development of ideas on dialogue and community building. It does this by bringing people together through discussion forums, courses, capacity building publications and outreach. It operates nation-wide with regional branches across the UK. It was founded by British Muslims of Turkish background inspired by the teachings and example of Muslim scholar and peace advocate Fethullah Gülen. The Dialogue Society is not a religious or ethnic organisation. It aims to facilitate dialogue on a whole range of social issues, regardless of any particular faith or religion. It stands for democracy, human rights, the non-instrumentalisation of religion in politics, equality and freedom of speech.

Who We Are

The Dialogue Society is directed by a team of committed staff and volunteers who have a proven track record of working within the community. The team’s expertise is complemented by the input of the Dialogue Society Board of Advisors, a distinguished group of people who between them represent a very wide range of expertise and experience.

The Dialogue Society derives its funding from private donations from local business people and professionals, which is testament to its support at the grassroots community level where its work is clearly valued. It achieves a remarkably high level of output in relation to its relatively small budget due to the support of committed volunteers.

The Dialogue Society is both a registered charity (registered charity number: 1117039) and a limited by guarantee charitable company registered with Companies House (company number: 05385343). Therefore, the Dialogue Society is regulated by both the Charities Commission and Companies House.