Dialogue Society’s Ramadan 2024 Impact Report

Welcome to the Dialogue Society’s Ramadan 2024 Impact Report, celebrating a season of togetherness and cultural richness across the UK.

Welcome to the Dialogue Society’s Ramadan 2024 Impact Report, celebrating a season of togetherness and cultural richness across the UK.

This Ramadan, we got together under the theme of peace and unity. We hosted over 6,000 participants at our iftar events, held in twenty-five cities. These gatherings were not just meals; they symbolised unity and community spirit, set in notable locations including cathedrals, universities, schools, many town halls, hotels, and community centres.

Our distinguished guests included sixteen people from Lord Lieutenancy, a Cardinal, 5 Bishops, 3 Ministers, 9 Members of Parliament, 26 Mayors, over 70 Police Chiefs and representatives from more than five hundred institutions. Their participation underscores the universal appeal and importance of our mission.

Ramadan 2024 - Peace and Unity - Impact Report

We held our iftars in four different formats: City Iftars, University Iftars, School Iftars, and intimate ‘IftarMe’ home iftars.

This year, we witnessed an inspiring collaboration. Seven universities – including Oxford, Leicester, Leeds, De Montfort, and City University of London – partnered with us to host dialogue iftars across their campuses. These gatherings promoted interfaith understanding, built bridges within their communities, and highlighted the power of collaboration.

Our School Iftars specifically focused on inspiring young minds, bringing students and educators together to share in the spirit of Ramadan.

Another noteworthy initiative this year was the ‘IftarMe’ project, where we facilitated 220 home-hosted iftars, welcoming over 650 guests. This project provided a unique and personal way to experience the spirit of Ramadan, deepening mutual understanding and strengthening community bonds through intimate gatherings.

The heart of our events beat with the energy of nearly 100 young volunteers. Their enthusiasm and leadership were crucial in orchestrating these large-scale gatherings and intimate home iftars, ensuring each event was a beacon of community spirit and cooperation.

The overwhelming support we received is incredibly inspiring! It demonstrates the shared commitment to our goals. Generous donations exceeded 30,000 pounds, and in-kind support worth over 100,000 pounds empowers us to make a wider and deeper impact.

As we reflect on Ramadan 2024, we are grateful for every meal shared, every dialogue initiated, and every partnership formed. Through these events, we lay the foundation for a world defined by understanding and cooperation.

Join us as we continue to build bridges and foster dialogue. We need your support now more than ever! Make a donation, follow our journey, and be a part of our future events by visiting our website and following us on social media.

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