Ramadan Dialogue Iftars 2024: Building Peace and Unity

As the holy month of Ramadan approaches, the Dialogue Society extends a warm invitation to join us for our annual Ramadan Dialogue Iftars, where this year's theme of 'Peace and Unity' holds special resonance.

Dialogue Iftars - Ramadan 2024 - Peace and Unity

 In a world often strained by division, these Iftars provide a space for connection, understanding, and celebrating our shared humanity.

This year, we’re thrilled to expand our reach across the UK, hosting over 40 Iftar events. These gatherings are more than just opportunities to break the fast – they’re where diverse voices meet, perspectives are shared, and friendships are forged. Our goal is to cultivate a stronger, more compassionate society through meaningful dialogue and open hearts.

We invite you to be a part of this enriching experience. Whether you seek community, reflection, or an opportunity to bridge differences, our Iftars offer a welcoming environment for all. To find your nearest event, learn more about getting involved, or inquire about volunteering, please visit our events, or email us at info@dialoguesociety.org.

Your generosity can help us make a difference. Consider donating to support our Iftars, ensuring that everyone feels included and empowered. Your contributions allow us to continue fostering understanding and empathy within our communities.

Join us as we embrace the Ramadan spirit of introspection and generosity. Together, let’s nourish the bonds of peace and unity, creating a society where everyone belongs.

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  1. .Bhanu Jadeja-Mahal says

    What an amazing event, smiles all round. This was my 2NB attendance .As an active member of the community I help alots of organisations after my retirement in Leicestershire Police served 331/2 then volunteering 6/7 organisations. Am also Police volunteer to 49 yrs. I am here to help my community/Police to make the difference.
    Bhanu Jadeja-Mahal

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