Ramadan Unity Continues: Dialogue Society Week 3 Highlights

As we journey through Ramadan, the Dialogue Society continues to build bridges across communities. Here's a glimpse into the remarkable events of our third week:

Your Support Builds Bridges: We’re grateful for your commitment to creating a more understanding world. To continue fostering dialogue and unity, please consider donating

Diverse Iftars: Fostering Unity – We celebrated Ramadan with vibrant gatherings across the UK! From our Basingstoke iftar (in partnership with Basingstoke College of Technology and Farnborough Sixth Form) to our first Derby iftar (hosted with Upbeat Communities) and meaningful events at Leeds University, Bolton University, and De Montfort University, we’ve fostered understanding, connection, and unity.

Ramadan Journal 2024

In our continuous effort to enrich the Ramadan experience, we are thrilled to present the Ramadan Journal 2024. This publication is designed to offer insights, reflections, and guidance to deepen the understanding of this sacred month. Explore the journal at Dialogue Society Ramadan Journal 2024.

IftarMe: A Journey of Cultural and Spiritual Discovery

The IftarMe initiative remains open for those wishing to experience the essence of Ramadan with Muslim families. This unique program aims at fostering shared experiences and deeper understanding among people of different backgrounds. For more information and to apply, visit IftarMe.

Let’s keep the spirit of Ramadan alive, embracing the power of connection and togetherness!

Warmest regards,

The Dialogue Society Team

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