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Conviction: Recognising and Protecting Vulnerable Individuals

Thu, 14 Jun 2012 12:00 in Discussion Forums

Where: St.John’s Church, Lodge Causeway, Fishponds BS16 3QG
Time: 12:00
With: Kalsoom Bashir, Regional Trainer


This event was organized in partnership with Bristol Multi-Faith Forum, Building the Bridge, and St John's Church in Bristol. Ms Bashir gave a talk about how to recognize and help vulnerable people. As a part of the seminar we watched a short video presentation about Isa Ibrahim from Bristol. In 2009 he was caught and convicted of terrorism related charges. The case of Isa Ibrahim was extremely significant for Bristol as well as the region as a whole. It was felt that the case could provide a valuable opportunity to explore some of the issues relating to preventing violent extremism and explore how police, partners and communities can work together to tackle it. Later, we carried a discussion in groups about certain questions related to what led Isa Ibrahim to get extreme views.

The Conviction project aims to highlight the crucial nature of early intervention work, illustrate how quickly vulnerable person can be adversely influenced by extremist rhetoric and raise awareness of the issues around violent extremism so that people can work together to tackle them.

Biography of Kalsoom Bashir

Kalsoom has worked extensively for the past 25 years with the Muslim community.

This has been in the role of Teacher, School Governor, Community Liaison Officer, Chaplain, Councillor and currently as Building the Bridge Officer for Bristol City Council.

She has helped develop and establish the Bristol Muslim Women's' Network and is leading on a programme of activities designed to enable the voices of Muslim women from all walks of life to be heard.

Currently, Kalsoom has been seconded to Avon and Somerset police as regional trainer.


Conviction: Recognising and Protecting Vulnerable Individuals Conviction: Recognising and Protecting Vulnerable Individuals Conviction: Recognising and Protecting Vulnerable Individuals