Sufi Path to Peace: Love Everyone for the Sake of the One

Mon, 05 Nov 2007 00:00 in Community Engagement
Where: Quaker Friends House, Euston, London


Sufi Path to Peace: Love Everyone for the Sake of the One


The Dialogue Society was proud to present its fourth annual Whirling Dervishes event.

The evening began with a speech by Ozcan Keles, of the Dialogue Society, on the meaning of “loving the created for the sake of the Creator”. The evening featured the reading and performance of Rumi poetry, live sufi music, stories, a video presentation and a magical performance by the world-renowned Turkish Whirling Dervishes. The event also included a show of the art of marbling by Turkey’s famous marbling artist Hikmet Barutcugil. Attendees were also able to sample the richness of traditional Turkish Cuisine at the food fair.

The event emphasised the renowned Rumi way of love, understanding and universal peace; values which stem from the very heart of Islam but which have sadly been eclipsed in recent times. The overall objective of the event was to advance inter-communal and inter-religious dialogue by bringing members and believers from different communities and religions, respectively, together around the common values of love, mutual respect and understanding.