Dialogue Studies MA Placement: Week 2

Date: 30th Jan – 3rd Feb 2012


Dialogue School Session 2:

Postponed due to illness of speaker.

External Event: Multifaith Celebration with the Gandhi Foundation

Some of the students attended the Gandhi Foundation’s annual multifaith celebration, held at St Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace. Speakers drawn from a range of faith traditions shared their perspectives on the environment and sustainability and discussed Gandhi’s influence on today’s green movement.



Dialogue’s Apprentice

Our two teams of students met with staff at their assigned community centres for the first time to discuss dialogue projects to extend the centres’ valuable work and open them up to the wider community.

External Event: ‘God’s Jury: The Inquisition and the Making of the Modern World’

Some students attended this public lecture at the London School of Economics, exploring the relationship between the medieval Catholicism’s Inquisition and the history of secular power and persecution.

External Event: ‘Solving the Cyprus Problem: Hopes and Fears’

Some of the students attended this seminar with Alper Riza QC, arranged by the London Centre for Turkish Policy and held at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.



London Visits

The students enjoyed a walking tour of the South Bank, taking a look at the Millenium Bridge, Tate Modern and the Globe before continuing to Mayfair. In the afternoon they visited the Tony Blair Faith Foundation where the team gave them a fascinating presentation on their dialogue methods and strategies. Sevgi Basman reflects on the experience in her column.



Dialogue’s Apprentice/Dialogue Society Projects

The students got busy on the organisation of their planned dialogue events, as well as giving the Dialogue Society team a hand in their ongoing projects.

External Event: ‘A Tale of Tottenham: Race, Riots and the Future’

Some of the students attended this event organised by LSE’s Sociology Department and the Runnymede Trust. David Lammy MP was the main speaker.

External Event: Religion for Atheists

Some of the students attended this lecture with prominent non-fiction author Alain de Botton, which marked the publication of his new book. He explored the question of whether committed atheists can and should draw on religions for insights on ways of living and ways of arranging society.



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Dialogue Studies MA Placement: Week 2

Dialogue Studies MA Placement: Week 2

Dialogue Studies MA Placement: Week 2

Dialogue Studies MA Placement: Week 2

Dialogue Studies MA Placement: Week 2

Dialogue Studies MA Placement: Week 2