Enhancing Dialogue Skills – Session 4: Personality Profiling

Roger Sutherland

HR Director, Omnicom

Where: Dialogue Society, London

Increased awareness of oneself and the personality of those around us usually bring big benefits both at work and at home. The key is to have a simple but effective structure for the information and realistic techniques for improving effectiveness. Using the personality profiling model to be presented at this session will bring:

  • Increased self confidence
  • Additional skill in persuasiveness, conflict handling and motivation
  • Less interpersonal misunderstanding
  • More fluency in selling oneself at a recruitment interview

This session will provide you with a new way of understanding your own and others’ personality and motivation. Your window on the world will be wider. It will also increase your awareness of those interpersonal skills that can increase personal effectiveness and lead to more open, productive relationships.


  • Awareness of the bigger picture
  • Personality profiling questionnaire
  • Research background and explanation of the model
  • Practical exercises
  • Personal action points