Success School Bonus Session at Arsenal FC

Where: Arsenal FC, Emirates Stadium, London


Session Summary

Regular attendees at the Success School are invited to a bonus session at Arsenal Football Club. Participants will hear from two inspirational young coaches from inner city London, who have turned their lives around after considerable early difficulties and are now making a valuable contribution to society through coaching youngsters with Arsenal in the Community. There will be time to ask questions, followed by a full, behind-the-scenes tour of the stadium.

A group of regular participants of the Dialogue Society’s Success School enjoyed a bonus session held not at the Dialogue Society but at Arsenal FC. The group heard the stories of two young coaches who grew up on local estates and now work with Arsenal in the Community, coaching local youngsters. Both had been drawn into destructive cultures in their youth and had been involved in crime. Their accounts of how they were able to turn their lives around when Arsenal offered them a chance to do something positive were truly inspirational. Following the session with these coaches, the group enjoyed a behind-the-scenes tour of the stadium.

About the Success School

The Dialogue Society Success School is a six-week programme of weekly evening seminars intended to help inspire, encourage and equip young people to aspire to and work towards success.

Participants will hear the inspirational stories of a range of successful professionals in a friendly and interactive environment (4 sessions). In addition, experts from performance coaching and self-help backgrounds will provide them with practical guidance on positive thinking and on setting and achieving manageable goals from (2 sessions). The School will establish an ongoing network through which participants, staff and speakers can share ideas and opportunities. Click here for further information and poster.

Who’s it For?

Please note that this session is only open to regular attendees of the Success School, who will receive invitations by email. If you have attended the Success School and would like to attend this session but have not received an email, please contact Frances:

The School is primarily intended for young people of 16-21 years of age, and the Dialogue Society will initially advertise in North London. We hope to welcome participants from a range of cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

The Sessions

Robert Kelsey, Author of ‘What’s Stopping You?’

Rear Admiral Amjad Hussain

John Bird, Social Entrepreneur (founder of The Big Issue)

Shami Chakrabarti, Director of Liberty

Serena Bradshaw, Performance Coach

Bonus Session at Arsenal FC

Cherie Blair (Cherie Booth QC), Barrister


Success School Bonus Session at Arsenal FC

Success School Bonus Session at Arsenal FC

Success School Bonus Session at Arsenal FC

Success School Bonus Session at Arsenal FC

Success School Bonus Session at Arsenal FC

Success School Bonus Session at Arsenal FC