Birmingham Success School – Week 2: with Robert Kelsey, Author of ‘What’s Stopping You?’

Robert Kelsey

Author of "What's Stopping You?"

Where: Spring Educational Society, 4 Vicarage Road, B15 3ES
With: Robert Kelsey, Author of ‘What’s Stopping You?’

Session Summary

This practically-oriented session will explore psychological barriers that tend to hold people back, and more specifically the fear of failure. Robert Kelsey will offer down to earth advice on making the most of your potential by recognising, accepting and learning to negotiate your insecurities.

He will offer a 7-step guide to dealing with fear of failure so that it will not sabotage your educational, professional or personal progress.

There will be short exercises to help you apply some ideas to your own lives, and time for questions and discussion.

About the Success School

The Birmingham Dialogue Society Success School is a four-week programme of evening seminars intended to help inspire, encourage and equip young people to aspire to and work towards success.

Participants will hear the inspirational stories of a range of successful professionals in a friendly and interactive environment. The School will establish an ongoing network through which participants, staff and speakers can share ideas and opportunities. Students who have attended for at least three of the sessions will be given certificates.

Who’s it For?

The School is primarily intended for young people of 16-21 years of age, and the Dialogue Society will initially advertise within Birmingham. We hope to welcome participants from a range of cultural and ethnic backgrounds.