Success School – Week 3: with James Gallagher, Goddard Consultants

James Gallagher

Goddard Consultants

Where: Room 101, City and Islington College, The Marlborough Building, 383 Holloway Road, N7 0RN

Session Summary

The Winning Formula

Developing Mental Toughness

Why do some people excel when the going gets tough and others crumble under pressure? This workshop introduces you to the concept of Mental Toughness and shows you how you can achieve success with our 4C’s formula.

Cope with changes in your lifeCommitment
● Discover new goals
● Believe in your skills and qualities
● Make new plans
● Get rid of self-doubt
● Keep going when the going gets tough
Control and explore your emotions
● Understand your frustrations
● Be your own best friend
● Reduce stress
● Become confident in unfamiliar situations
● Improve your relationships
● Value yourself

The format of this session will be as follows:

  • 2pm Registration
  • 2:15pm Introduction by Dialogue Society
  • 2:20pm Start of session
  • 3:45pm Closing remarks followed by refreshments
  • 4pm End of session

About the Success School

The Dialogue Society Success School is a six-week programme of weekly evening seminars intended to help inspire, encourage and equip young people to aspire to and work towards success.

Participants will hear the inspirational stories of a range of eminent professionals in a friendly and interactive environment. In addition, experts from performance coaching and self-help backgrounds will provide them with practical guidance on positive thinking and on setting and achieving manageable goals. The School will establish an on-going network through which participants, staff and speakers can share ideas and opportunities.

Who’s it For?

The School is primarily intended for young people of 16-21 years of age, and the Dialogue Society will initially advertise in North London. We hope to welcome participants from a range of cultural and ethnic backgrounds.