World Religions Course: Understanding Buddhism by Suddhaka


North London Buddhist Centre

Where: Dialogue Society, London
by Suddhaka, North London Buddhist Centre


This course is intended to help non-Buddhists understand the deeper meaning and inner spirit which characterises Buddhism today. Participants should come away with an understanding of the history and basic doctrines and methods of BuddhismThe topics that will be covered include:

  • Who was the Buddha?
  • What is meant by the Buddha’s Enlightenment?
  • What were the main early formulations of the teaching?
  • How did the teachings spread and develop down to the present day?
  • What are the main Buddhist Scriptures?
  • How do Buddhists practice today?


Suddhaka has been practicing Buddhism for the past eighteen years. In the year 2000 he was ordained into the Western Buddhist Order. His teacher Sangharakshita is one of the foremost presenters of Buddism in the modern West. Suddhaka is currently tutoring at the North London Buddhist Centre.