World Religions Course: Understanding Hinduism by Jay Lakhani

Jay Lakhani

Hindu Academy

Where: Dialogue Society, London
by Jay Lakhani, Hindu Academy

This course offers introduction to Hinduism with special emphasis on the Role and Relevance of Hinduism in modern Western society. The participants get a clear picture of the key features of an Indic Religion, Its foundation, its delivery and outcome of its teachings. The topics that will be covered include:

  • Historic background
  • Founders
  • Scriptures
  • Concept of God
  • Key beliefs (reincarnation, law of karma, ahimsa — non-violence)
  • Ritual aspects
  • Ethical and moral issues: Euthanasia, Abortion, Genetic engineering
  • Philosphy of Religion: Issue of Suffering? Origin of the universe?
  • Community cohesion – Hinduism and people of other religions as well as people of no religion


Jay Lakhani a Physicist by qualification. A key Hindu advisor to Department of Children Schools and Families as well as the director of Hindu Academy and Religious education council of England and Wales – the first Hindu tutor at Eton College.