Making Dialogue Effective 1: Effectiveness in Intercultural and Interfaith Dialogue: Can it be Defined? How do we Measure it?

Wed, 09 Nov 2011 18:00 in Discussion Forums

Where: Lindisfarne Centre, St Aidan's College, Durham University, Windmill Hill, Durham DH1 3LJ
Time: 18:00

  • Dr Susan Frenk,Principal & Acting Senior Tutor at St Aidan’s College
  • Ömer F. Sener Ph.D. (Cand.), Dialogue Society Leeds Branch
  • Dr P V Nath


Part of a series of six discussions exploring how to make intercultural dialogue (a term which is intended to imply all shades of dialogue, including interfaith dialogue) more effective, this panel discussion will draw on the experience of a selection of people working in the areas of dialogue and social cohesion.

It will consider: what aims agencies and groups concerned with dialogue have; what “effectiveness” means in view of these aims and whether, and how, the effectiveness of dialogue can be measured or monitored.

Questions to be considered:

  • What is the point of intercultural/ interfaith dialogue?
  • Does it work?
  • What exactly are people involved in dialogue trying to achieve?
  • Given their/our aims, what does it mean for dialogue to be “effective”?
  • Can we, and should we, measure or monitor the effectiveness of dialogue?
  • If so, how?