A Critical Approach to Conflict and Terrorism Studies in the Middle East

Open to Everyone
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Dialogue Society, London

Dr Katerina Dalacoura

London School of Economics

The Middle East has been home to countless cases of violent conflict, acts of terrorism, and war in the last decade. The humanitarian and material consequences of persistent violence and conflict in the Middle East are dire. Scholarly research into conflict and terrorism in the Middle East presents a wide range of observations and conclusions about the social, political, economic and religio-ideological dimensions of burgeoning conflict and terrorism. The Dialogue Society will host a renowned scholar of the international relations, Dr Katerina Dalacoura (LSE) to critically address academic accounts of conflict and terrorism on the recent history of one of the world’s most turbulent regions, the Middle East. The speaker will explore any association with the political instrumentalisation of religion in the region with terrorism, analyse the relationship between political representation and radicalisation in the context of domestic /transnational Muslim groups, and provide guidance on the possible paths to non-violence and democracy.