BRIDGE (Building Real Intercultural Dialogue through Gruntvig Experience) Project

Open to Everyone
Free to Attend

This project focuses on enhancing intercultural awareness amongst the partnership participants and their organisations. It will endeavour to promote an understanding of our diverse cultures and gain an appreciation of the history and traditions that have shaped them. Equally, this project will provide the chance to exchange ideas on the opportunities and challenges associated with living in both monoculture and multicultural societies.

As well as discussion groups, the intention to use the creative arts (music, dance, art, photography) to communicate our ideas, is fundamental to this BRIDGE Project and should also help to overcome any potential language barriers that present. Furthermore, the involvement of our learners/members in the production of a magazine series, through the use of ICT, should enable us to bring our ideas and activities to a wider audience. The enhancement of the learners’ digital literacy skills will be an additional benefit of this partnership.

The formal (discussion groups and ICT use) and informal (creative arts) aspects of this project provides excellent learning and integration opportunities for all those involved. Through these endeavours, it is hoped to gain a greater sense of European citizenship and the egalitarian ideals that underpin it.

The aim of this partnership is to promote interaction, understanding and respect between people of different cultural backgrounds (Irish, new immigrants to Ireland, Gotlanders of Sweden, Greeks, Turks, as well as the Turkish and Kurdish community in Birmingham). The intention is to gain an appreciation of the diversity that is amongst us while at the same time highlighting the common values and beliefs that we share.

The objectives are:

  • To critically explore the issues of identity, culture and interculturalism.
  • To organise a series of workshops and events using dialogue, music, dance, art and photography.
  • To provide learners with the necessary digital/publishing skills.
  • To produce a series of magazines documenting the activities of the transnational visits using written articles, artwork, photographs and dvd.
  • To evaluate the work of the partnership on an on-going basis.

The anticipated outcomes are:

  • Validation of the Arts as an effective mechanism for sharing ideas
  • Improvement of English language competency
  • Improvement of organisational, evaluation, presentation and ICT skills
  • Production and dissemination of magazine and dvd series
  • A new European dimension to our existing provision
  • An appreciation of European culture and heritage
  • An awareness of the opportunities and challenges of interculturalism
  • Improved collaboration between European neighbours
  • Enhanced tolerance of diversity

The approach will be collaborative and inclusive involving a critical exploration of all of the issues. In the BRIDGE Project, we will endeavour to maintain a mutual respect of the traditions, beliefs and values of all participants.