Christmas Community Dinner at Meanwood Community Centre

Invitation Only
Free to Attend

Meanwood Community Centre Stainbeck Avenue, West Yorkshire, LEEDS LS7 2QU

The Leeds branch of Dialogue Society was delighted to host its annual Christmas Community Event at the Meanwood Community Centre.

We were honored to have Lord Mayor of Leeds Cllr Al Garthwaite, Cllr Oliver Edwards, Dr Serge Sharoff, Dr Sam Durrant, along with other distinguished guests.

Our diverse group of guests enjoyed delightful food, participated in a raffle, experienced live music. The dinner table became a space for open dialogue, where stories were shared, traditions were celebrated, and connections were forged. It was a true reflection of the power of conversation in building bridges of understanding.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to all who attended and supported this event, making it a resounding success. As we continue our journey of fostering understanding and unity, let the memories of this Christmas Community Dinner inspire us to embrace diversity, cultivate meaningful connections, and spread joy throughout the community.