Christmas Friendship Dinner with Fellowship Educational Society in Reading

Open to Everyone
Free to Attend

Coronation Hall Headley Road, Woodley, READING, RG5 4JB

Dr Omer Sener

Research Fellow, Dialogue Society London Branch

Jim Binney

Reading Abbey Baptist Church

Mehmet Cabuk

Chair, Fellowship Educational Society

Revd Julia Binney

Reading Abbey Baptist Church

We successfully organised a Christmas Friendship Dinner in Woodley, Reading in partnership with Fellowship Educational Society. We were more than happy to share our food and feelings and also reinforce friendship and dialogue with our contacts, friends and neighbours.


  • Abbey Baptist Church, Reading
  • Caversham Methodist Church, Reading
  • Pakistan Community Centre, Reading
  • Alliance for Cohesion and Racial Equality, Reading
  • Reading Science Church
  • Oxfam, Woodley
  • Mustard Tree
  • Reading Düsseldorf Association
  • Carey Baptist Church, Reading

The event started with a welcome speech and short information about Fellowship Educational Society by Mr Mehmet Cabuk. During dinner, we all had fun with some quiz questions about Berkshire and the UK. The programme continued with a talk about the meaning of Christmas‚ by Rev Julia Binney and her husband Jim. Participants also answered questions about Christmas. Our event came to an end after a speech by Dr Omar Shener about the necessity of dialogue in a diverse society.

We would like to thank our guest speakers, volunteers and all of our invitees for their contributions to the event and hope to meet them again in future events.