Christmas Friendship Dinner with Nurture Educational & Multicultural Society in Glasgow

Open to Everyone
Free to Attend

4 Glasgow Road, GLASGOW, G72 6BW

We took part in a wonderful Christmas dinner in Glasgow in partnership with The Nurture Educational & Multicultural Society in order to strengthen ties between neighbours. There was a variety of participants from different faith and community groups. Police Constables from Lanarkshire Police Division and a former SNP MP were also present at the dinner. There was an exciting array of Christmas activities such as a questionnaire, which made children happy with lovely surprises. Participants also had the chance to share their thoughts on Christmas.. The programme continued with a raffle, which saw everyone fixated on the numbers in their hands while their ears were listening eagerly to hear the lucky number. Fantastic presents met with their winners. Towards the end of the programme, tasty foods were served prepared by talented Turkish chefs in the hall. The chefs received a round of applause for the delicious food they had prepared.

Each table was given the opportunity to discuss and explain what Christmas meant to them.