City Councillor visits Dialogue Society in Hull

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Cllr Rosie Nicola

Hull City Councillor

The Dialogue Society Hull Branch was delighted to host Hull City Councillor Rosie Nicola at its offices based at Hull Community Centre. Our volunteers explained how the Dialogue Society came about, its aims and methods of achievement, the community support it receives and its future plans.

Cllr Nicola was particularly interested in the works and projects of the Dialogue Society across the UK and its community projects in Hull including those such as the Noah’s Pudding, Family-Pairing, Success School and thematic dinner events. Cllr Nicola was also interested to hear about the London Trips, Hull Trips, picnic events, sporting activities and community building seminars and talks organised by the Society. The Dialogue Society Hull Branch representatives invited Cllr Nicola to present a talk at the Branch offices on the issue of ‘voting and proactive citizenship’. Cllr Nicola said she would be delighted to speak at the Dialogue Society and that she supported such efforts for dialogue, education and community support.