Community Conference – Essentials of Peace: Love of the Prophets

Open to Everyone
Free to Attend

Quaker Friends House, Euston, London

Cheryl Pearson

Advisor, Institute of Interfaith Dialogue, Houston, U.S

Dr Asaf Hussain

Author & Academic, University of Leicester

Prof Ian G. Williams

Senior Lecturer & Subject Leader, University of Central England

The Dialogue Society organised its second ‘Essentials of Peace’ community conference sub-titled, ‘Love of the Prophets’. The conference looked at love in the disposition, practice and teachings of the three Abrahamic Prophets.

An annual event organised to commemorate Prophethood and the shared values and characteristics of ‘Abrahamic Prophets’. While ‘Essentials of Peace’ is the primary heading of the Conference, the sub-heading and theme for each year changes.


To seek solutions in the values and characteristics of the Abrahamic Prophets. To come together on common terms, values and characteristics among the three major religions (Christianity, Islam and Judaism).