Crime Prevention and Personal Safety by PC Carole Munsay

Open to Everyone
Free to Attend

G13, Leighton Building, Headingley Campus, Leeds Metropolitan University

Carole Munsey

Police Crime Commissioner

In this part of the seminar series, PC Carole Munsey offered a perspective of the police with regard to community cohesion in Leeds with a special emphasis on her role as a police officer for over 13 years. Munsey’s talk was centred around her joint work with Student Unions, at both Leeds universities and other HE establishments, including international student officers. The talk included topics such as the role of student unions in helping the police to get messages across to students about crime prevention and personal safety; induction talks at fresher’s week; house hunting events; information about student safety websites; student neighbourhood watch co-ordinators; Operation Balloon (door knocking with students in the community); the role of union community reps in the community; cycle marking and capture bike; neighbourhood complaints; the use by students of Facebook and other social networking sites; and drugs and how the police deals with the issue of drug use.

About “History of Dialogue and Community Cohesion in Leeds”

Dialogue Society North, in association with the Institute of Spirituality, Religion and Public Life in Leeds Metropolitan University is running a series of seminar called ‘History of Dialogue and Community Cohesion in Leeds’. In this seminar series, representatives from different faith, interfaith or nonfaith communities in Leeds present their perspective of dialogue and community cohesion illustrating with a synopsis of their activities.