Dialogue Iftar in Cardiff at Llandaff Cathedral

Invitation Only
Free to Attend

Llandaff Cathedral Cardiff CF5 2LA

Bablin Molik

Cardiff Lord Mayor

Ian Yemm

Canon Precentor of Llandaff Cathedral

Jane Hutt

Wales Social Justice Minister

The Dialogue Society Cardiff Branch organised a dialogue iftar dinner at Llandaff Cathedral. This gathering aimed to celebrate peace and unity during Ramadan, welcoming attendees from different faiths, community leaders, and local organisation representatives. Together, they shared the experience of breaking fast, fostering intercultural understanding. Attendees were treated to engaging speeches from esteemed guests including the Lord Mayor of Cardiff, Bablin Molik, the Social Justice Minister of Wales, Jane Hutt, and the newest Priest of Llandaff Cathedral, Ian Yemm. An amazing harp performance and piano recital from young children added colour to the night. We express our heartfelt thanks to all our esteemed guests, including the Lord Lieutenant of South Glamorgan, the Lord Mayor of Cardiff, the Social Justice Minister of Wales, the South Wales Neighbourhood Policing Team, and all distinguished attendees.