Dialogue Society Reading branch held a Dialogue Iftar for Peace and Unity

Invitation Only
Free to Attend

St.Nicolas Church Hall 33 Stutcliffe Road., Berkshire, READING RG6 7JN

Cllr Beth Rowland

Cllr Beth Rowland

Mayor of Wokingham

Dr Stefan Fafinski

Deputy Lieutenant

Imam Yahya

Aisha Masjid

Kerim Balci

Chief Advisor, Human Rights Solidarity; Founder, OnlineHizmet

Kerim Balci is a Turkish writer, journalist, academic and human rights activist. He is recently the Chief Advisor of London Based Human Rights Solidarity Balci served as the editor in chief of Turkish Review, and as a columnist at Today’s Zaman and Zaman dailies.

Liz Jackson

Associate Archdeacon

Tahir Maher

Early Charity

Yuksel Cinar

Time to Help UK

In the spirit of unity and understanding, the Dialogue Society Reading warmly hosted its annual Dialogue Iftar in 2024, bringing together a diversity of guests including Deputy Lieutenant of Berkshire Dr Stefan Fafinski, Mayor of Wokingham; Madam Beth Rowland;  Associate Archdeacon Liz Jackson; journalist Kerim Balci, Imam Yahya from Aisha Masjid&Islamic centre, councillors from Reading and Wokingham, Yuksel Cinar from Time To Help UK, Tahir Maher from Early Charity as well as representatives from various charitable organisations.

The evening was a testament to the power of breaking bread together, symbolising fellowship and shared humanity. Amidst the aroma of delicious cuisine, participants engaged in heartfelt conversations, forging connections that transcended cultural and religious boundaries.

Inspiring speeches resonated with attendees, emphasising the importance of dialogue, compassion, and mutual respect in fostering harmonious coexistence. The recitation of Quranic verses and the mesmerising melodies of the kanun enriched the atmosphere, evoking a sense of spiritual contemplation and tranquillity.

Furthermore, the art of calligraphy adorned the space, reminding us of the beauty of diverse expressions and traditions. Through this collective gathering, the Dialogue Society Reading reaffirmed its commitment to promoting interfaith understanding and cooperation, paving the way for a more inclusive and compassionate society.

As we departed, hearts and minds uplifted, we carried with us the profound sense of connection and solidarity nurtured during this memorable Iftar Dinner, renewing our dedication to building bridges and fostering lasting friendships across communities.