Do We Get the Media Attention We Deserve?

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Ramada Leicester

The Roundtable Discussion introduces key issues and offers some tools and suggestions to the related problem. In the first part of the discussion, current difficulties and obstacles that are being faced by faith representatives in relation to the way of their representation in the media will be identified. In addition to the problem identification, potential solution methods are going to be initiated so as to open up discussion around them. During the remaining part of the discussion, participants will share their own experiences as well as put forward their ways of solution method to the identified problem under the supervision of the chairman.

Prospective Questions that will be discussed:

  • How is faith viewed by the media today?
  • Can coverage of faith issues ever be positive?
  • What are the tools required by religious leaders wishing to engage with the media?

Objectives of the Discussion

  • To identify key problems faced by faith-representatives in terms of coverage of faith issues in the media.
  • To expose potential solution methods to overcome the difficulties introduced during the discussion.
  • To bring different parties of the problem (faith representatives, members of council, media representatives) together in order to exchange experiences and ideas.

Anticipated Outcomes

  • All parties of the problem will have a clear understanding of what the problem(s) is (are).
  • Participants will have contemplated on different types of solution methods as well as understood what other parties are trying to achieve.
  • Discussion is expected to nurture cooperation among the participants in an attempt to overcome the examined obstacles.