East Midlands 2014 European Elections Hustings Event

Open to Everyone
Free to Attend

Midlands Academy Mansion house, 41 Guildhall Lane, LEICESTER, LE1 5FR

On 22nd May 2014 British citizens nationwide will cast a vote to elect new Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) to fill the 72 seats in the European Parliament reserved for the UK. The UK is an important actor in the European Union. As it seeks to preserve the delicate balances involved in representing the interests of its citizens as part of a complex community of over 500 million Europeans, its involvement in Euro-politics may arguably be characterized as critical engagement. Meanwhile the British government continues to face challenges at home over the question of whether or not the country should stay in the EU.

How essential and effective will the new 72 MEPs representing the UK in the next term of the European Parliament be for British citizens? What effect if any will they have on issues that concern UK communities and society at large? How can MEPs make the elections count and get the electoral to vote? What effect can small faith and/or ethnic communities have on the outcome of the elections? In short, why should we vote for MEPs?

Andrew Lewer (Conservative candidate): Born 1971. Educated at Newcastle University. Derbyshire councillor since 2005. Leader of Derbyshire council 2009-2013. Derbyshire Dales councillor.

Issan Ghazni (Liberal Democrat candidate): Born 1959, Punjab. Educated at Roland Green Comprehensive and Leicester University. Nottingham councillor 1987-1991 for Labour. Contested Nottingham East 2005, 2010.

Margot Parker (UKIP candidate): Born in Grantham. European advisor and spokesperson for the promotional products industry. Contested Sherwood 2010, Corby 2012 by-election. East Midlands region 2009 European election for Libertas.

Labour speaker: TBC.