EmpowerHer: Celebrating Women’s Day with Peace and Unity

Open to Everyone
Free to Attend

Southgate Methodist Church 45 The Bourne, Southgate, LONDON N14 6RS

International Women’s Day Event brought together women from diverse backgrounds in a peaceful gathering, united in their aim to support each other for a brighter future. Hosted by the Dialogue Society North London Branch, the event took place at Southgate Methodist Church on March 8, 2024.

It was a warm and unity-filled occasion where women shared happiness and experiences over coffee, games, and activities that brought smiles to everyone’s faces. Discussions on the importance and empowerment of women in society intensified with the presentation from our esteemed healthcare worker guest on women’s health.

The women’s group collectively pledged to carry the spirit of International Women’s Day beyond the designated date, committing to promote unity and solidarity throughout the year. A heartfelt thank you to our guests and all the volunteers of the North London Dialogue Community for their invaluable assistance in organising the event.