Examining the Extreme: Radicalisation among Muslim Youth – Causes and Roots

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Dialogue Society 402 Holloway Road, LONDON, N7 6PZ

Dr Ismail Mesut Sezgin

Research Assistant in Religion and Society, Regent's Park College

Dr Stefano Bonino

Durham University

Stefano Bonino is a Research Associate in the School of Applied Social Sciences at Durham University. His research spans across criminology, sociology and politics and focuses on: extremism, terrorism and organised crime; counter-extremism/terrorism and democracy; Muslims in the United Kingdom (identity, community, discrimination and integration); ethnicity, culture and religion.

Prof Roger Griffin

Oxford Brookes University

Recent terrorist attacks in places as far apart as France, Tunisia, Pakistan, and Kenya, together with the flow of young people born and raised in the UK to the ranks of ISIS over the past year, have once again brought the topic of religious extremism to the forefront of public consciousness. This panel discussion aims to offer a timely discussion of the causes and roots of radicalisation among Muslim youth in light of recent terror attacks in countries across the world, as well as the rise of the so-called Islamic State across swathes of Syria and Iraq.


  • What has been the effect of terrorist attacks and religious extremism among youths on relations between Muslims and non-Muslims in the UK and beyond?
  • What factors (social, political, economic, ideological, cultural) seem to contribute most significantly to people adopting extremism?
  • What are the roles of perceived grievances?
  • What is the role of “charismatic recruiter”?