Examining the Extreme: Radicalisation among Muslim Youth – Mediums and Tools

Open to Everyone
Free to Attend

Dialogue Society 402 Holloway Road, LONDON, N7 6PZ

Anthony Richards

University of East London

Keele University

Recent terrorist attacks in places as far apart as France, Tunisia, Pakistan, and Kenya, together with the flow of young people born and raised in the UK to the ranks of ISIS over the past year, have once again brought the topic of religious extremism to the forefront of public consciousness. This panel discussion aims to offer a timely discussion of the mediums and tools used by young people during the radicalisation process in light of recent terror attacks in countries across the world, as well as the rise of the so-called Islamic State across swathes of Syria and Iraq.


  • What is the role of internet in the radicalisation process?
  • How has social media and its use by terrorist groups such as ISIS changed the way in which young people are radicalised?
  • What are the possible implications for issues of Internet freedom and censorship?
  • Do public places such as schools and mosques play a role in the radicalisation process?