Health and Environment Community Programme in Association with BAMEEN

Open to Everyone
Free to Attend

183 Beverley Road, HULL, HU3 1TY

Dawda Jatta

Chairperson, Black and Minority Ethnic Environmental Network

Sharron Cassidy

Diabetes Dietician

The Dialogue Society Hull Branch arranged a novel programme in its Hull community centre on 28th May 2014. This programme was put together in association with BAMEEN (Black and Minority Ethnic Environmental Network) with presentations given by two speakers. The first speaker was Dawda Jatta, chairman of BAMEEN. He emphasised the importance of environmental education, recycling, energy saving and local food production. The main focus was on the crops that could be grown in Hull and how advantageous this can be. A poster of which crops were suitable to be grown in England was shown to the audience. “Although we live in a different country, by growing our cultural crops, we could cook our favourite food here too” he said.

Jatta then introduced a project involving growing crops, cooking traditional foods and sharing and eating with other groups in Hull. Turkish audience members promised to take part in this activity and asked for further details.

In the second part of the programme, diabetes dietician Sharron Cassidy took over. This programme was supported by NHS Healthier Hull Community Project with the main aim of educating people about diabetes and diet. Cassidy emphasised the importance of having a daily balanced diet to meet the needs of the body. She mentioned that everybody was different, so the advice she was giving was broad and each individual should identify the particular needs of his/her body. The session was very active and the audience addressed many different questions about healthy eating to our speaker.

The programme ended with Turkish food and fruit. Positive feedback from the audience indicated how effective the programme was.