Interfaith Community Iftar Dinner with Faith Groups

Open to Everyone
Free to Attend

Wisdom School, London

Where: Wisdom School, London

The Dialogue Society hosted a fast breaking dinner inviting representatives from the Unitarian Chapel, St. Peter’s Church, Quakers from Muswell Hill and Leicester Square Friends House, as well as individuals from the local community.

The evening began with Mr Fatih Kahraman welcoming guests followed by recitation of the Qur’an and the Ezan (call to prayer). Guests were served a traditional Turkish iftar meal when it was time to break the fast. Members of the Christian Community stated that they too had fasted that day so to share in the spiritual experience of breaking a fast.

Afterwards, Mr Kahraman gave a brief presentation introducing the work and activities of the Dialogue Society, and guests were shown a video clip produced by the Dialogue Society entitled, ‘Peace Through Education and Dialogue’.

To conclude the programme, guests were served tea, coffee and traditional Turkish desserts allowing time for feedback, discussion and networking. Many participants expressed a desire to work closer with the Dialogue Society and establish joint projects which will further enhance relationships between communities.