Islam & Democracy: Theory, Perception and Practice

Open to Everyone
Free to Attend

Dialogue Society, London

Amedee Turner QC

Honourary MEP

Dr Kirsten Schulze

Lecturer in International History, LSE

Ebru Ilhan

King's College

Prof Jeffrey Haynes

Governance and International Relations at London Metropolitan University

Is Islam compatible with democracy? Is a democratic polity possible in a Muslim country? Is an Islamic society also a democratic society? There are countless more questions to pose to reveal and myriad ways to study the relationship between Islam and democracy. The panel, Islam & Democracy: Theory, Perception and Practice, attempts to address at once several dimensions of the debate on Islam and democracy. Chaired by Prof. Jeffrey Haines from London Metropolitan University, the panel will begin with a discussion on the teachings of Islam that pertain to democratic theory and governance. Next, the panel will host Amedee Turner, Barrister, QC and Honourary MEP, who will unveil the perceptions in Europe on Islam and democracy by presenting the findings of a survey he conducted with 400 Muslims throughout Europe. This will be followed by an evaluation by Dr Kirsten Schulze, Lecturer in International History at the London School of Economics, of the practice of democracy in countries like Turkey and Indonesia with predominantly Muslim populations to demonstrate the different degrees and forms of compatibility between Islam and democracy.

Islam and Democracy Theory Perception and Practice