Islam and Democracy: Non-Muslim Perspective

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University of Southampton 18 Augustine Road, SOUTHAMPTON, SO14 0PL

Prof Tony Evans

Prof Tony Evans

Professor of Global Politics at the University of Southampton

Tony Evans is Professor of Global Politics at the University of Southampton. He has published widely in the field of human rights, global governance and law. His current research looks at opposition to human rights discourses. This research will be published by Lynne Rienner at the end of 2010.

  • Islam and Democracy: Non-Muslim Perspective
  • The Limits of Tolerance: Islam as Counter-Hegemony

Following recent acts of terrorism in many parts of the world, Islam has become an object of fear. While the threat of violence is undoubtedly an element that inspires this fear, Islam’s counter-hegemonic threat is not limited to violence alone. Given its 1.2 billion following, Islam also offers a challenge to the central values that describe the dominant neo-liberal world order, particularly those values that legitimate the global political economy. Although tolerance is an important value in liberal thought, tolerance cannot be exercised where counter-hegemonic threats include challenges to the central tenets of liberalism. This seminar argues that the current fear of Islam is motivated by just such a challenge. By looking at four central concepts where liberal and Islamic thought diverges – reason and revelation, property, rights and duties, and government and state – this seminar seeks to gain a more nuanced insight into current attitudes towards Islam and its potential for counter-hegemony.