Legal, Ethical and Religious issues Surrounding Organ Donation

Open to Everyone
Free to Attend

St. James Priory Church Whitson Street, BRISTOL, BS1 3NG

A Study Day looking at the legal, ethical and religious issues surrounding organ donation.
Speakers will include a consultant renal physician, transplant coordinators and religious leaders. This event is co-organised by Bristol Multi Faith Forum in sponsorship with Bristol Dialogue Society and The Spiritual and Pastoral Care Team at the Bristol Acute NHS Hospitals.


This event was co-organised with the Bristol Multi Faith Forum which attracted a lot of interest from the Hindu, Sikh, Christian and Muslim community living in Bristol City. Religious leaders from these communities made comments about how they and their religion saw organ donation as a means of helping people. ‘Saving one man is like saving the whole of mankind’ was one of the stand out messages (verse from the Quran) which was repeatedly used by the Muslim scholars who attended the event.

Talks were given by Dr Nabil Tumia (Specialist in Cardiology at University Hospital of Bristol), Dr Fergus Caskey (Consultant Renal Pyhsician at NBT) and Claire Mitchell (Specialist Nurse); and the take home message was that there wasn’t enough organs being donated to meet the demand especially in the ethnic minority groups. Also suggestions were made to educate the public more about the issue.