Life of a Chickpea Workshop in Birmingham

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St Cuthberts Catholic School Gumbleberrys Cl., West Midlands, BIRMINGHAM B8 2PS

Emad Choudhury

Emad Choudhury

Bahu Trust

Father McDonald

St Cuthberts Catholic School

The “Life of a Chickpea” workshop, conducted at St Cuthberts Catholic School on April 25th, 2024, for Year 5 and 6 students, offered a unique exploration of diversity, inclusion, and British values through the lens of a humble chickpea. The session featured insightful reflections on inclusion and diversity from both an Imam and a Pastor, enriching the dialogue and promoting interfaith understanding.

Central to the workshop was the engaging presentation delivered by our dedicated volunteer, who skillfully guided students through the journey of a chickpea, weaving in themes of cultural diversity and social cohesion. Complementing the educational experience was the delightful preparation of Noah’s pudding, symbolising unity, and communal harmony.

Gratitude is extended to all volunteers involved in capturing moments and ensuring the success of the event. Their contributions were instrumental in creating a memorable and impactful experience for the students.

With a vision to extend this initiative further, we aspire to reach 10 schools in Birmingham by the end of 2024, fostering dialogue, understanding, and respect among diverse communities.