Noah’s Pudding at St. Peter’s Church, Stockton on Tees

Open to Everyone
Free to Attend

St. Peter's Church Yarm Rd., STOCKTON ON TEES, TS18 3PJ

A heartfelt Sunday at St. Peter’s Church, Stockton on Tees, as they graciously hosted Dialogue Society North East Branch and NEDES!

Our volunteers shared the enchanting story of Noah’s Pudding and delivered a thought-provoking speech in celebration of Interfaith Week.

After the service, we all came together to enjoy the world’s oldest dessert—a symbol of unity that transcends borders.

Interfaith Week provided a unique opportunity to strengthen our connections and celebrate the rich tapestry of our diversity.

A special thank you to Ursula Ruth Hicks and St. Peter’s Church for opening your doors to us. Your hospitality created a space for meaningful dialogue and understanding.