Noah’s Pudding Celebration in Southampton with Cllr Derek Burke

Open to Everyone
Free to Attend

18 Augustine Road, SOUTHAMPTON, SO14 0PL

Cllr Derek Burke

The Mayor of Southampton

This event invites local people to come together and experience the Anatolian Muslim tradition of ‘Noah’s Pudding’. Short speeches will be given by our guest speakers, followed by time to enjoy one another’s company over a delicious dessert and other refreshments.

The basis of annual Dialogue Society grass roots activities, ‘Noah’s Pudding’ celebrates the common heritage of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. It also provides a tasty way of bringing people together regardless of culture, religion or worldview.

The pudding is traditionally made around the Muslim festival of Ashura. According to Muslim prophetic tradition it was on the day of Ashura that Adam and Eve were created, that Moses (peace be upon him) and his community were saved from the Pharaoh’s army, and thethat day Noah’s (peace be upon him) ark was saved from the flood. The Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) fasted on the day of Ashura, and many Muslims continue to follow this example. Noah’s Pudding represents the meal Prophet Noah is said to have made for the inhabitants of the ark when it came to rest on dry land, using the remnants of their food supplies.