Noah’s Pudding for Bristol City Council

Open to Everyone
Free to Attend

Cllr Geoffrey Gollop

Lord Mayor of Bristol

Bristol-based Dialogue Society representatives distributed Ashurah, also known as Noah’s Pudding, to the Councillors of Bristol City Council during the Tea Party at the Council Meeting on 22nd November. The pudding, traditionally made by Anatolian Muslims at the festival of Ashurah and distributed among neighbours, represents the meal made by Noah for the inhabitants of the Ark from their last supplies when they reached dry land. The Dialogue Society has long promoted the sharing of the pudding as a means of promoting neighbourhood and community cohesion (see our new manual). More than 70 Councillors, including the Right Honourable Lord Mayor of Bristol, Councillor Geoffrey Gollop, enjoyed the Noah’s Pudding and thanked the Dialogue Society for its contribution to promoting harmonious diversity in Bristol.