Noah’s Pudding Programme at Smethwick Old Church

Open to Everyone
Free to Attend

Dialogue Society, Birmingham Branch volunteers greatly enjoyed sharing the tradition of Noah’s Pudding with the congregation of Smethwick Old Church. They visited the church with plentiful bowls of pudding and explanatory cards giving the story behind the tradition along with the recipe for the pudding. Members of the church were very welcoming and very much enjoyed their Noah’s pudding. It was a lovely opportunity for the two groups to interact and chat.

The Dialogue Society, Birmingham Branch organises Noah’s Pudding events. These are annual events organised to mark the tradition of Prophet Noah, who prepared a pudding from the last bits of food remaining on the Ark. Thousands of bowls of pudding are prepared and distributed to local residents each year on this day by Birmingham Branch supporters.

Volunteers and supporters are provided with a double-sided A5 card, which explains the origin of Noah’s Pudding, its recipe and the custom among Muslims to share this with neighbours and friends. Our object is to open up communities towards one another and facilitate community cohesion at the grassroots level.