Noah’s Pudding the Salaam Community Centre in Hartlepool

Open to Everyone
Free to Attend

Salaam Community Centre HARTLEPOOL

Last Wednesday was a heart-warming day filled with unity and sweet connections at the Salaam Community Centre in Hartlepool!

Dialogue Society North East Branch, along with our incredible partner NEDES, hosted an inspiring Interfaith Conversation on Neighbouring.

Mrs. Christine Eddowes, Chair of Hartlepool Peace and Justice Group, Mr. John Bailey from St. Joseph’s Church, Mr Haani from Jamia Masjid Muslim Welfare Association, and our amazing community members came together to discuss the beauty of neighbouring and how we can rekindle the spirit of unity in our community.

Our dedicated volunteers added a delicious touch to the event by preparing delightful Noah’s Puddings!

Noah’s pudding, a tradition with more than 20 different ingredients, symbolizes the richness of diversity, dialogue of civilisations, democracy, multiculturalism, tolerance, harmony of colours, and world peace. Each ingredient shines individually, creating a harmonious symphony of flavours when you taste it.

Sharing a bowl of Noah’s Pudding with neighbours, community groups, organizations, mosques, or church congregations has proven to be a wonderful ice-breaker and an ideal way to build respect and friendship across the community. Let’s continue spreading love and understanding, one sweet moment at a time!