[Oxford] Debating Multiculturalism, Panel Discussion 4 – Multiculturalism: Where Do We Go From Here?

Open to Everyone
Free to Attend

Oxford Centre for Christianity and Culture, Regent's Park College, University of Oxford Pusey St., OXFORD, OX1 2LB

Prof Tariq Modood

Professor of Sociology, Politics and Public Policy at the University of Bristol

Prof Tariq Ramadan

Oxford University

Prof Ted Cantle

Coventry University

This event is the final discussion in the ‘Debating Multiculturalism’ panel discussion series: four discussions led by prominent academics and practitioners exploring and evaluating multiculturalism as an ideology and political project.

This concluding discussion, led by three leading thinkers in this area, will explore the prospects for the future of multiculturalism, incorporating discussion of the related notion of ‘interculturalism’. Prof Ted Cantle, Prof Tariq Modood and Prof Tariq Ramadan will be considering the following questions:

  • In view of criticisms levelled against it, does multiculturalism have a future?
  • What are the alternatives to a multicultural approach, and are they desirable, or viable?
  • Does multiculturalism require modification to guard against the danger of social fragmentation?
  • Is ‘interculturalism’ an improvement on multiculturalism?