[Oxford] Making Dialogue Effective 1: From Interfaith Dialogue to Multi-faith Collaboration

Open to Everyone
Free to Attend

Wesley Memorial Church Seminar Hall New Inn Hall Street, OXFORD, OX1 2DH

Peter Riddell

Convenor, International Initiatives of Change (IofC)

European society faces the challenge of breaking down the barriers that keep us in racial, ethnic, religious or class compartments. Interfaith dialogue usually starts with talking across these boundaries. Moving on to work with people of different cultural backgrounds reveals many other aspects of dialogue. For example, often what is not said is more important than what is. Actions speak louder than words. And we carry far more historical baggage than we think…It is in this realm that we really begin to know each other.


The Dialogue Society Oxford Branch was delighted to host Peter Riddell of Initiatives of Change for a most interesting discussion of different approaches to interfaith dialogue. Drawing on nearly forty years of experience in building interfaith relationships, he suggested that joint action can sometimes allow us to come to know each other better than simply talking to each other can. A diverse group of participants brought a range of perspectives to bear on the question in an enlightening and productive discussion.