Personal Development with International and Faith Identities

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Leeds Metropolitan University

Paul Dowson

Senior Lecturer in Personal Development in Leeds Metropolitan University's School of Applied Global Ethics (SAGE)

In this seminar the speaker is going to underscore the essential association between cultural and religious identities and self-improvement by looking for the answers for the questions such as ‘What is Personal Development and how has it become to be present in British Higher Education curricula?’; ‘What is the relevance of Personal Development to international students?’; ‘Does Personal Development allow for religious identity and how does the speaker’s Christian faith sit with his teaching Personal Development?’.


This Wednesday on March 04 2010, Paul Dowson, Senior Lecturer in SAGE at Leeds Metropolitan University, gave a seminar entitled ‘Personal Development with International and Faith Identities’ for ISRPL and Dialogue Society North. The seminar covered topics relating to personal development, specifically the aspects of the notion that relate to students in higher education. The seminar also included a perspective on the intersecting areas of faith (particularly Christianity) and personal development; perspectives on responsibility and its relation to personal development; while also including insights from Jonathan Sacks’ writings relating to the subject.