Political Islam’s impact on integration in Europe

Open to Everyone
Free to Attend


Dr Ismail Mesut Sezgin

Research Assistant in Religion and Society, Regent's Park College

Prof Anwar Alam

Senior Fellow with Policy Perspectives Foundation, New Delhi

Prof Paul Weller

Universities of Coventry and Derby, and Regent’s Park College, University of Oxford

Dialogue Society Oxford Branch is pleased to organise a panel discussion on the question of why young Muslims, particularly those exposed to relatively secular life styles in the West find political Islam and in some cases its radical forms appealing in the formation of their understanding of what it means to be a Muslim in our times. This increasing appeal of political Islam further raises the question of whether the emerging Islamic contestations in Muslim societies have the requisite conceptual resources and tools to thoroughly de-legitimise the discourse of political Islam, behind which some young Muslims politically mobilise to manifest their Muslimness that sometimes amounts to theologically justifying and using violence.

Note: Prof Anwar Alam’s recently published book “For the Sake of Allah: The Origin, Development and Discourse of The Gulen Movement ” will be made available for purchase at the event and he will be signing copies of his book following the event.