Regional Focus: Eurasian Security and Conflict Prevention

Open to Everyone
Free to Attend

Dialogue Society, London

Dr Fraser Cameron

EU-Russia Centre

The Dialogue Society, as part of a seminar series on the theory and practice of peace building and conflict resolution will host Dr. Fraser Cameron to discuss the future of security and cooperation in Eurasia. Recently, the security landscape in Eurasia changed shape as the Obama administration conveyed a genuine commitment to strengthening the NATO alliance and simultaneously boosted America’s diplomatic engagement with Russia. An American-Russian rapprochement will inevitably impact the political, economic and strategic relationship between Russia, the European Union and other key players in the region like Ukraine, Georgia and Turkey, who have divergent interests and foreign policy goals for the next decade. What are the future challenges, ranging from energy security to combating radicalisation, in the region? Where and when will these challenges produce conflict? How, if at all, can conflict in Eurasia be prevented and is the Obama administration’s recipe of diplomacy through dialogue a viable option for the Eurasian states?