Roundtable with HE David Graeme Blunt on Croatia’s Accession to EU

Open to Everyone
Free to Attend

Dialogue Society, London

HE David Graeme Blunt

The British Ambassador to Croatia


  • HE Mr David Blunt CVO, The British Ambassador to Croatia
  • Tony Lloyd MP, House of Commons
  • HE Dr Dragisa Burzan, The Ambassador of Montenegro to the UK
  • HE Dr Ion Jinga, The Ambassador of Romania to the UK
  • HE Dr Ivica Tomić, The Ambassador of Croatia to the UK
  • HE Iztok Jarc, The Ambassador of Slovenia to the UK
  • HE Dr Muhamet Hamiti, The Ambassador of the Republic of Kosovo to the UK
  • HE Mr Lyubomir Kyuchukov, The Ambassador of Bulgaria to the UK
  • HE Mr Zef Mazi, The Ambassador of Albania to the UK
  • HE Mrs Jadranka Negodic, The Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the UK
  • HE Mrs Marija Efremova, The Ambassador of the Republic of Macedonia to the UK
  • Jacek Gajewski, 1st Counsellor Head of the Political Section-Embassy of the Republic of Poland
  • Lucy Cowan, Head of the Croatian Desk-FCO
  • Elizabeth Burdett, Research Analyst (EU)- FCO
  • Susan Laffey, Research Analyst (EU)- FCO
  • Tim Judah, The Balkans Correspondent for The Economist
  • Professor Keith Pilbeam, Professor of International Economics and Finance- City University
  • Dr Adam Fagan, Reader in Politics, Department of Politics, Queen Mary, University of London
  • Dr Chiara De Franco, Research Associate, Department of War Studies- King’s College London
  • Dr Stefanos Katsikas, Lecturer at the Department of History-Goldsmiths, University of London
  • Dr William Bartlett, Senior Research Fellow in the Political Economy of South East Europe – European Institute-LSE
  • Daniel Korski, Senior Policy Fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations
  • Ozcan Keles, Executive Director-Dialogue Society
  • Ilknur Kahraman, Co-director-Dialogue Society
  • Dr Cem Erbil, Academic Coordinator-Dialogue Society