The Dialogue Society Facilitates Partnership in Education

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Wisdom School, London

In a bid to facilitate dialogue and partnership between different groups and organisations, which work in the same or related fields, the Dialogue Society organised a meeting which brought together Rev Carolyn James, Chaplin and Senior Residence Warden-Bishop at Grosseteste University; Mrs Pauletta Bissell, Education Adviser Lincoln Diocese; Mr Mark Plater, Senior Lecturer at Bishop Grosseteste University; Mr Edward Hayes, Nottingham Diocesan Education Service Director and the Head teacher and management at Wisdom Primary and Secondary School.

The meeting took place at Wisdom school in London. A number of potential areas of partnership were explored such as, providing teacher training placement for graduates from Bishop Grosseteste University, pairing Wisdom school with a Church of England and Roman Catholic school with a view of undertaking joint projects, a school and staff visit from Wisdom to Lincoln city and much more.

Both parties were keen to explore partnership and were grateful to the Dialogue Society for facilitating the meeting.